CodeChat 018 - Second Route (Traffic Rerouting App)

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Do you remember high school? Yeah, me neither. But the guests in this episode of CodeChat are still in high school, and that didn't stop them from turning their creative idea into a couple of awesome apps and a bunch of prizes from a university hackathon at UW!

Second Route for Android and Windows Phone (not quite available in the Stores at the time of writing, but looking good) doesn't bother making you ask it for the best directions to work considering traffic. After all, who asks for directions to the destination you drive almost every day?! Instead, it uses geofencing and background tasks to just let you know when an alternative route could save you 4 or 5 or more minutes of the day. Now that's convenient.

Hear how these guys did it and get a word of encouragement as these hacking high schoolers tell you to get off your seat and start writing apps!





The Discussion

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    As an IT student i realised one huge thing - all you need is ideas and then how to iplement them.

    Nowadays i focus mostly on learning C#, Java, AS3, ProLog and F# (and SAS Base but this is a short course) and i don't have much time to think about what i miss in todays world apps repository.

    But for every IT student out there - remember - FIRST the ideas THEN the implementation!

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