CodeChat 044 - With Mark Michaelis Asking Why Beginning Development Can Still Be So Hard

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The Discussion

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    Microsoft are probably the worst offender for creating technologies that they ditch for something else, be that Winforms, WPF, Silverlight, WinRT, Entity Framework the list goes on.

    The story is repeated if you are a Windows phone developer, the third parties, be that for Web development, Android or Apple have a far much more respectable track record than Microsoft. My advice to a new developer, is to not use Microsoft, they never invest in anything that long and change direction more often than the wind in a storm (this is coming from someone that has developed in Windows for 15 years and not someone with an axe to grind)

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    @vesuvius:I am pleased that they handle the fundamental problems and leave me to develop for my needs.

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    Very interesting conversation!

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