CodeChat 051 - Thali: Who Needs a Cloud Connection!

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When Matt Podwysocki (@MattPodwysocki) added a todo item on one Android device and we watched the data synchronize and then quickly update on another, I have to say I wasn't so impressed. But when he told me than neither device had an internet connection, my interest was piqued.

Thali ( is an experimental framework that allows mobile devices to discover and connect directly to one another. It's based on direct wifi, which has been around for a long time, but utilizing it inevitably involves a lot of ceremony. Thali does away with the ceremony.

Matt explains it all very well in this episode of CodeChat. Enjoy.

As always, leave a comment below with your ideas or feedback. You can always find me online at or on Twitter @codefoster.



The Discussion

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    Thali: th as in think, a as in alternate, l as

    on and i so the word rhymes with Lee as in Bruce Lee. It means mealplate, as intended for lunch or dinner, so when you visit Mumbai, you must order vegetarian or non-veg thali for meals, otherwise you'll usually end up with too much junk food snacks. Also if you mix up the Marathi l with the English l, then on the positive side small children will like you as a fun person.

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    Very interesting !!

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