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    seems like this is a dead end with a lot more stuff being done with Wink

    or at least Wink has better placement in places like Home Depot and apps for Android and iPhone.


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    I installed 3 insteon dimmers, 1 switch and a controller for an RF deadbolt in 2009, only to find out I needed a bridge in order for all of the devices to communicate. Then the smartlink controller's ethernet connection died in 2013, but it kept running the scheduled events for another year, despite the fact that it lost about a minute a day and was unable to adjust itself against NTP anymore.

    It's a great system overall, but there's a lot of problems, not a lot of information and it can be tricky to get everything talking between each other, despite the "mesh" network and despite having a lot of dual band (both power line and RF) capable devices.

    I own a small townhouse, and I had issues bridging both sides of my electrical circuit. If you have a large house, or more than one fuse panel, expect to buy a lot of bridges and repeaters, even consider getting multiple controllers to cover parts of your home instead of using just one.

    It ain't cheap, either. I think I spent $700 to $1000 to control 3 lights, a bathroom exhaust fan and my front door's dead bolt.

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    I can't disagree with you @Bob. I tend to chock it up to being a young market, but it's actually not that young. There are just so many standards and proprietary protocols. I'm hoping that AllJoyn creates some sanity in the compatibility of devices, hubs, and devices. I guess we'll see.

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    you're not doing something right. make sure all devices are dual band. Get a good hub ISY by universal devices is very good. I have spent just a tad more than you to do 4500 sqft in it's entirety.

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    Wow, jeremy foaster and IoT, i would love to see maker show.

    Actually i am working on little home automation, but stuck on how do i connect multiple relay or sensors to the arduino or raspberry pi wirelessely.

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    I enjoyed your video on Insteon home automation.  I use Insteon exclusively here at my house and for controlling your devices by voice, you can't beat Amazon's Alexa.  She learns all your devices and can control each device individually, or you can group the devices to respond on one command.  Check out for some combo deals with Alexa, the Insteon hub, and a couple devices - it's a good way to start out or expand your system. 

    My dilemma now is controlling Insteon devices with my Microsoft Band2.  Here is the youtube video that shows it happening.... Your thoughts?



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