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Fusion 360 by Autodesk is my application of choice for making things - real things - plastic and metal and wood things. I've often found myself wanting to select a face in my design and do some fancy 2D graphics on that face, but the sketch environment in Fusion 360 is pretty basic.

I finally figured out a good workflow for exporting a face from my 3D design, drawing in 2D on a replica of that face in my vector editor of choice, and then easily bringing my new drawing back in to Fusion 350... perhaps to initiate an extrusion.

Hopefully this is helpful to you when making things.



The Discussion

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    jeremy foster, nicknamed : Robinson Crusoe

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    @myfirst: I'll take the nickname since he was a seafaring man :)

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    where's Wilson?

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    Please microsoft stay clear from this product, it works great and your trackrecord is not that great when it comes to working software!

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    That is true, every time the technology advances faster and thanks to this we humans can evolve.

    30 years ago we did not even have mobile phones, cameras, computers, etc. We could only use letters to communicate with people.

    With 3D printing the same thing is happening. It is increasingly evolving and I am sure that in a few years we will all have 3d printers in our homes.


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