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    Really enjoyed watching it, looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

    Since this channel is related to game development in .NET, I would like to also leave the message, already asked by quite a few on User Voice, that it would be nice to be able to have a UWP projection of DirectX, instead of having to go down to C++ and make use of COM to use it.

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    Thanks Stacey, really enjoyed this video. Nice pace and explained well.

    Would be nice to have some intro/outro music. I'm sure the Ch9 studio can help with that ;)

    I'm still not clear on the use of Prefabs. To me, it just looks like Materials and Models placed under a different folder. The transform for the model is shared but not much else. The materials don't seem to be any different as they are shared either way.

    Are you going to go over how to import models/materials/textures? For that matter, how to create a new project from scratch? You do have some other Unity videos so I'll take a look and see if this is covered there.

    It would also be nice if you gave us some projects to work on to enhance what you just showed, then go over how to do it in the next video.

    Great work and thanks again.

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    // thank you for taking the time to make an entire series and sharing the knowledge

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    @Moondevil: Thanks! I've passed the information along to the team. I recommend voting for the item on User Voice if you have not already. 

    @geeyef: I find that the best way to think of a Prefab is as a template. You can use the template to create instances of the game object within the game (known as instantiating). I'll be showing a more practical usage of this in one of the upcoming videos. I am also thinking I might do a short tips/trick video that goes over it a bit more in depth. I hadn't planned on doing a video on how to import models/materials/textures or creating a new project, but I will add that to my list. Feel free to venture over to the GitHub repo and open an issue for any other topics that you'd like to see! I also love the idea of giving challenges to expand on topics covered. I did that for the Super Space Shooter series, which I've heard from a few folks was quite helpful. I'll look at how I can incorporate that in some of the upcoming episodes.

    @stahtufiang: Thank you for the kind words! :) 


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    I am a C# developer and have never used Unity (or monogame etc) before and find this is just the right level to peak my interest in Unity. Unity now downloaded. I look forward to future episodes. I did wonder while watching this episode how to create new 3d models yourself (not from the asset store).. I presume you will cover this in future episodes?.

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    I would love to port my Unity game to Windows. Currently, it shows ads from AdMob. Is there a way to show ads in a Unity game on Windows?

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    I'm new to Unity and this episode was extremely helpful in covering the basics. I will definitely watch the rest of the series. Thank you so much for doing this.

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    Hey, I really found this helpful. But how did you made those models!

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