Introducing the Dream.Build.Play Game Developer Competition

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The Discussion

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    Nice to see it back. Been meaning to start a monogame project, maybe this will push me to finally do it..

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    Nice to see DBP is being relaunched! It would be handy that you guys include links to each of the tech mentioned (like mixer, inker, Azure services, etc.) in DBP's site so as to spare devs from searching them on the web.

    Why is the XBox category's price the lowest one in the bunch? (as opposed to, say, $50 thd., like for PC's).

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    andy korn

    six months is not a lot of time if you think about.

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    @Pete: Thanks for the feedback! I forwarded it over to the folks who run the Dream.Build.Play website and also added the links to the description of the video.

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