Unity Navigation - Part 2

Play Unity Navigation - Part 2

The Discussion

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    Anthony G

    Keep up the great work! I've learned so much from watching your videos. One step closer to mastering Unity!

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    Hi there, when I uncheck the loop time, my animation still loops, and then i loose all animation when inserting the indicator using the script, any advise?

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    @Lee: It's a little hard to troubleshoot without seeing how you've got everything setup. How do you know that it's still looping if it looses the animation when you create the Indicator? Is it that it loops continuously when you leave it in the scene? Can you post your project out so I can take a look?

    Also, it would probably be quicker to help you work through this if you either email the dotgame at microsoft dot com alias or open an issue on the GitHub repo.

    @Anthony G: Thanks - I'm happy to hear that you're finding the videos helpful! :)

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    Great videos! I've watched Unity's videos on the same subject, and I prefer yours. Your explanations are clearer, and sample code are simpler.

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