Game Dev Show 06 - Fast 2D and 3D Facial Animation

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In this episode of the Game Dev Show, Adam Tuliper (Microsoft) and James Martin (MobaCap & Reallusion Trainer) talk about the indie budget tools CrazyTalk 8 and iClone to create 2D and 3D facial animations. Adam becomes the test subject and James takes liberties with Adam's funny and 'zombified' 3D model.

Find them both on Twitter: @mobacap and @AdamTuliper  

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The Discussion

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    Matthew Newman

    Whoa! Thats some awesome software. I'm defintely going to have to try that out! All from a single picture... thats pretty amazing. Great Stuff.

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    crazy talk 8... amazing software, I was looking at there animation creating stuff, but this is just so cool.. Thanks .. can't we re-activate the licence once the trial version expires?

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    @neetukhatra:You'd have to wait until the a new version were to release for a new trial to be activated. Otherwise, full version for 30 days, then only a full version will revive the tool-set. Well worth the price for the full version considering the speed and level of detail. A lot of BANG for your buck, for both 2D and 3D!

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    Brian Lewis

    Wow! Thanks Adam, that is really powerful software. I have been looking for a way to animate talking cartoon characters and this looks great.

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    @Brian Lewis:if you need any help, please feel free to contact me directly...I live for cartoon 2D animation and I'd love to take a look at your key art to help you get the best possible results from CrazyTalk!

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