Game Dev Show 08 - Basic Asset Creation for Unity 3D

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In this episode of the Game Dev Show, Amanda Lange will explain the basic pipeline to create your own assets using 3D Studio Max and Unity 3D. This is a basic overview of art creation for someone who might be intimidated by the process. We'll look at modeling,  texturing, UV setup, and the (very simple!) export pipeline for Unity. Then we'll add some collision to the model. Custom art is a great way to make a game stand out and with the right tools, it's less intimidating than it seems!

[01:50] - Making a box

[08:05] - Forming it into a crate

[12:10] - Editing UV layout for texturing

[17:50] - 3DS Max Material Editor

[19:30] - Photoshop paint a texture

[27:05] - Test texture on the object

[30:00] - Put your crate in Unity




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The Discussion

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    Nifty Stuff.
    I kinda get scared off by these complex 3D Modelling Tools (c.f. Blender) but this video is pretty good at demonstrating the basics, and good at describing the UV maps, and how to express textures.

    Many Thanks

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