Game Dev Show 19 - Serious Gaming with Microsoft Band

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In this episode, Tech Evangelist Amanda Lange visits Plas.Md, a startup in Camden, to check out Bionautica, the game/app they are developing with Microsoft Band integration. Using the Microsoft Band, they take input from a user's heart rate and use that as the input in a free-running Parkour game made in Unity 3D! Vance Souders and Steven Gussman from Plas.Md explain how it works and the architecture behind this experience.


[00:25] - Overview

[03:40] - Demo

[07:35] - Running on Xbox One

[08:40] - Running on a Treadmill






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The Discussion

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    Great concept!   What a fun and exciting way to incorporate exercise, gaming, and "outdoor" experience.  I am an avid exerciser and anything that makes the experience more fun is a plus.  I love the real time feedback of the heart rate.  I'm looking forward to see the finished game.

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