#GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: Cloud Intro for the Indie Developer [S01E02]

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The AAA game producers are using the Cloud for some heavy lifting computations (AI, dynamic scene generation, etc), and though he doesn't expect Indie devs to go crazy like that, ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) tries to understand why Indie developers don't at least leverage the Cloud for things like leaderboards, user info, and state data. In this episode, ScruffyFurn builds a backend for multi-player experience using Node.js and Azure from scratch. This is not a code walkthrough. This is real, live, development – to prove a point. PLUS: Special guest Will Stieh shares how Karma Labs is using Azure for their games and gives a sneak peek into an upcoming game.


Will Stieh is the head of The Karma Labs. A lifelong gamer, at a very young age he caught the bug when he got an N64. A passionate game maker, his dream is to build the next great game.

Karma Labs is an Indie game development laboratory. Experimenting with new ways to entertain the gaming masses. Founded in 2012 by young wannabe game developers from Ontario, Canada. The goal is simply to just make video games that gamers will enjoy. Check out:



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The Discussion

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    Jesus Gamas

    Excellent demonstration, i am a developer , but always programming enterprise app never was developed a game, but with this explication, i will try.

    Now, i need find information about the background of the game, how make a interactive background for app.

    Thank you, greetings from México.

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    is communicating through port 80 important
    i mean is it mandatory for me to install express so that i communicate through port 80

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