geekSpeak: MSDN geekSpeak Webcast: Problems and Solutions When Implementing a Windows CardSpace Iden

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This episode of geekSpeak (recorded February 6, 2008) features Barry Dorrans talking about problems and solutions when implementing a Windows CardSpace identity provider in the real world.

After giving some great explanations and analogies about identity management on the web, Barry dives into some details related to EV Certificates, identity providers, and more.

The hosts for this geekSpeak are be Mike Benkovich and Glen Gordon. For resources related to this geekSpeak, visit the geekSpeak blog.

Guest Information: Barry Dorrans, Author,

Barry has been "playing" with computers since the days of the "dead flesh" keyboard on the ZX Spectrum. Graduating to .NET via RPG, QuickBasic, C, C++ and VB his time has been spent in various markets from banking through telecoms and even parts of the record industry. He specializes in .NET and Microsoft Technologies looking at "whatever takes his fancy" and running with it to see where it goes, with a passion for sharing the knowledge gathered during each of his code expeditions.





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