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In this geekSpeak, Paul Sheriff focuses on LINQ to XML and reveals lots of tips for getting up to speed with it. We loved seeing the new techniques for building XML documents using the XDocument type that are tremendous time savers. He helps us understand what is LINQ, what’s LINQ to XML, and what are the new XML handling capabilities of VB and C#. He shows a nice example of LINQ to SQL output with XML literals interleaved, as well as an actual LINQ to XML query that comes back with (surprise) XML.

Paul also addresses some of the why, where and when XML, which is something many of us face. He shows us how he uses XML for prototyping very quickly. Also Paul shares some simple yet great techniques he uses to keep his team members up to date on skills.

Other tips range from how to get Intellisense in XML in your project to working with aggregates to what the heck the SingleOrDefault method does. Are you an XPath guru? Watch Paul’s tips on incorporating XPath queries into LINQ to XML as a transitional approach.

Some fun moments on the show are Paul slipping in a COBOL .NET reference, and his explanation as to why he's glad he took an “anti-Glen” pill that morning. Smiley

Finally, Paul has a great freebie he’s making available for geekSpeak fans, so listen out for the URL he shares.

This geekSpeak was hosted by Glen Gordon and Lynn Langit.

About our guest: Paul Sheriff, President, PDSA, Inc.

Paul Sheriff is the president of PDSA, Inc., a Microsoft Certified Partner in Southern California. Paul acts as the Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California assisting the local Microsoft offices with several of their events each year and being an evangelist for them. He has authored several books, webcasts, videos, and articles on the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows SharePoint Services. Paul can be reached via


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    The description of this session sounds great, but I can't get it to play.  It says "Media Failure.  Try reloading the page, etc, etc."

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