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    hail hail

    sorry to moan - but i find all the "geek speak's"  i've listened to so far very painful - the first 15 mins seems to consist of back slapping - which is very nice and all but i have a short attention span so after 5 mins i'm ready to chop my mouse finger off - can you guys not just get to the bones of the topic allot quicker please please

    sorry to compain - i love the videos and screen casts and sandbox stuff - they get right to the meat straight away

    although the sandbox stuff often times out before i finish - so i  have to start all over again - the time constraint is such that afterwards i struggle to figure out what i've learned as i get so stressed about the "timeout" that my attension is not really on the topic sadly

    all the best - it has gotten a whole lot better - i mean once upon a time their was little or no audio/visual training except for employers spending a fortune once every three years - which is a lng time to waut when u r struggling - and audio visual for me is waaaaayyy better that dry old anbigous jargon filled pdf's - i'm frickin lovin the videos and screen casts both here on ch9 and the site learn stufff -fabrutsio

    ta -j

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