geekSpeak recording: The Mole Visualizer with Karl Shifflet

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One of the things we like to do from time to time on geekSpeak is feature technology contributions that come out of the developer community. A very prominent contribution is the Mole project, a very popular and powerful visualizer for Visual Studio. Mole is a community project that’s been developed by several people, most notably Karl Shifflett, who is a Microsoft MVP for WPF . 

In this geekSpeak, Karl runs through how to install Mole and gives some tips on how to use it with ASP.NET. Mole’s ability to drill down into your object trees and highlight what’s going on in there is indispensible when debugging your apps.  I could list cool feature after cool feature of Mole, but it’s best to see them in action, so give this geekSpeak a viewing. Karl also gives some great tips for those of you who are feeling the urge to build your own visualizers. Karl totally deserves the Maverick reference we joke about during his introduction, he’s  a top gun when it comes to Mole demos!

Since the time this geekSpeak was recorded, Karl has joined the team at Microsoft that builds the WPF designers (Cider) for Visual Studio. I’m sure we can look for continued WPF goodness from Karl in the future!



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