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In this installment of the geekSpeak webcast series, we spend an hour pummeling security guru Keith Brown with questions about how to make your sites more secure. We cover a lot of ground, with questions around things like SQL injection, code signing, strong names, Windows CardSpace, identities and impersonation and CAS.

We talk about the importance of knowledge sharing and overlap between site administrators and developers, as well as the approach of separating control channels from data channels. Keith also shares his insights around security testing like techniques and tools. And if you've ever wondered what a honey pot is, now you can find out.

Keith really boils the most common security issues down to their simplest form, showing how it's not that hard to think about security while you are designing and coding - not afterwards.

You can find links mentioned in this geekspeak here which points to Keith's input validation module screencasts, his blog, many good books, and more.

Let us know through here and the geekSpeak blog what you'd like to see geekSpeaks in the future cover.


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