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Mixed Reality + Azure

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The Discussion

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    Great, your video, congratulations.

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    patrick michael

    yooooo um, I had 6 trojan virus in my windows ten, which I then quarantined in Avast, then there any chance the Augmented reality intel chips were corrupt due to this? Many different forms of encryption would make this look like deep state, but its simply journalism getting hijacked, and then held at ransom digitally. the trojan virus may have been taken by a bug with an all access every corp in every server. It's no longer in my network, all things related to Office Live, Gmail, and Amazon should be clean of this bug. But I fear the quarantine was bought under one of my accounts. it is HOT> and needs to be found. Codename; none.

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    I have been looking forward to virtual reality in the true sense. Just like the Matrix, the kind of equipment is what I need. I don't think about the current AR and MR, but I bought an AR box as a toy.

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