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    Great vid Vlad and Nikola.

    Ed: loved the neon sound for vlad's twitter handle

    suggestion: add a link to where to buy the hardware

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    Thanks @OzBobWa.

    Great suggestion, I'll add the link to the description

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    I have watched videos similar to this one and I still don't understand why it's called Mixed Reality when it looks just Virtual Reality. That trick of seeing the controllers is not 'mixed reality' unless you can call that the GearVr which already has that capability.
    It's said on the video that the headset scans the room around you but I haven't seen an example of that yet.

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    @skartknet Mixed Reality is a family of devices sharing the same sensor, OS and developer platform: HoloLens and occluded HMDs made by our partners. Also, even occluded devices were first generally available consumer devices with world-scale tracking - thanks to the sensors inherited from HoloLens. In this way, these devices are more tight to the real world, even though developers cannot leverage that outside of the tracking capabilities. 

    Mixed Reality slowly becomes a generic term unifying similar approaches across different devices and platforms. 

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    @Vladkol:  Microsoft's use of "Mixed Reality" is marketing that is confusing the market. While there is logic being used to justify Microsoft's use of the term, such justifications are not enough to alleviate the confusion people have when they see what appears to be fully immersed VR solutions being called mixed reality. It is this type of marketing flubs that have cost Microsoft markets for the past 20+ years.  

    @skartknet 's comment is further validation of this is. If the tech-centric audience of Channel9 is confused on the use of the terminology, how much more confused are others?  (when you have to explain your marketing term, something is wrong)


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