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David Rousset came by to play with WebVR and BabylonJS. He showed me how to enable WebVR in 2 lines of code. More details at David's blog

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The Discussion

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    Cool stuff! 

    I did try my HoloLens on the mansion demo and it runs with 10-30 fps, but it does run!

    Still if I select that lens button in the bottom right corner, it doesn't work, it doesn't turn with my gaze. It just reads it as a webpage and thinks I want to scroll if try to do something.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes, this demo is too heavy for the HoloLens. WebVR has to be enabled on HoloLens RS4 as it's currently disabled behind a flag. Go to "about:flags" to enable it.

    Then, you'll see that the Mansion will work in WebVR on HoloLens like shown by this user: https://twitter.com/hololite/status/978904042716966912

    Still, again, performance won't be optimum as this scene hasn't been optimized for the HoloLens.


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