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We asked Lucas Brodzinksi from the Windows Machine Learning team to give us an overview of what is Windows ML, why it is important, and how to get started. https://aka.ms/ifdef-winml

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#ifdef WINDOWS and Nikola



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The Discussion

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    Really nice to see some client side C# love in Machine Learning. Azure ML is a bit clumsy environment to develop models, with all the hairy graphics, so this is great for deploying a model into our UWP Apps.
    This was deploying a pre trained model, I was hoping we would see more support into local model Training, but I guess that needs a whole lot more Cross validation, Optimisation tuning, API support. Shame as we are stuck in Python SciKit-Learn, numpy, pandas, Keras/Tensorflow environment to develop our models first.

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    Is so nice to see a client side in C# with Machine Learning!

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