Episode 129: Data & the Augmented Self with James Whittaker & Dona Sarkar

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The Discussion

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    This show is getting better and better!

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    Interesting discussion regarding automation, but the argument are seriously naïve and flawed.

    Western societies are not prepared for the revenue creating few, to subsidies mass of ex car, ship, train builders to make poor seconds rate art or culture. We know this, as the wages are already falling, because the west is 'not prepared' to pay the low wages for trainers, cars even computer manufacture. We have just seen what American think about the impact of globalisation, the impact of increasing automation is just the same.

    So it ends up are the talented and employed few really prepared to share their revenues from to the mass underemployed, whether they are making a lot of 'art', culture or are 'inferred' to volunteer social and care work ?

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