Episode 142: A UWP Visual Studio Shell Experiment by Thomas Claudius Huber

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We talk with Thomas Claudius Huber about using UWP to recreate the Visual Studio Shell. We reveal the gender of the Windows Insider Ninja cat. Password rules are BS. And the Azure Window collapses into the sea.


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The Discussion

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    Speaking of UWP, is Microsoft aware that more and more third party application vendors stopped UWP application development or even removed their applications from Store ? Namely Shazam, Viber, Amazing HD Weather, Runtastic ...

    Will Microsoft take any action ?

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    You can't possibly get your job done in it. Build a nice UI, ok, wonderful, but what then? Try making even a basic file manager. You can't come even CLOSE to File Explorer. The problem with UWP is not the UI. Your app is sandbox and you can't do almost anything. You can't even access the file system. You couldn't possibly build actual Visual Studio in UWP. The UI is not everything.

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    You can't even launch an executable. Seriously, how are you expecting us to build something useful in UWP?

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