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    getting-started-combine.js:582 Uncaught ReferenceError: MscomCustomEvent is not defined
    at selectPlatform (getting-started-combine.js:582)
    at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (quick-start:640)
    at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (jquery-2.1.1.min.js:3)
    at HTMLButtonElement.r.handle (jquery-2.1.1.min.js:3)
    selectPlatform @ getting-started-combine.js:582
    (anonymous) @ quick-start:640
    dispatch @ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:3
    r.handle @ jquery-2.1.1.min.js:3

    This is what the graph-quick-start gives in the console and nothing in the page when clicking on a technology/language, when using the Ghostery addon for Chromium. Are you tracking us MS?

    Does this report get me any presents? :P

    An Aspose library license maybe? :P


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    Mike Sage

    I really enjoy the show, but I must admit for multiple reasons. Of course there's the excellent content and the always fun news. But I also must admit that I use the show to fall back asleep. If my son gets up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, he tends to be noisy. While I can sleep through about anything, my wife can't. So, I'll take him to the basement and turn on your podcast and generally after the news, I will fall right back asleep.

    Also, every time I hear Carl mention how Aspose is a "powerful tool", I hear Yoda saying "My ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is." Carl's ally must be Aspose.

    Also, spaces. How can anyone endure tabs?


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    Just for the record, I have tried the Graph API (the .NET nuget package) and this is my feedback (that probably no-one will ever read...):


    1) The user login process it terrible: you seem to use a WebView that pops on top of the app. That doesn't look nice and once you tab out of the username field in order to fill in the password you are redirected to another view, so that creates some "what the hack" moments.. Plus, it seems impossible to me to create an app that manages multiple accounts at once by logging in automatically to all of them (without the user being bugged every time for logging in).

    2) Using the .NET nuget package for graph API, I get errors when trying to update an email Message object. This is the error: "Code: ErrorInvalidPropertyUpdateSentMessage Message Update operation is invalid for property of a sent message.". The code I use is this (I try to mark an email as READ):


    mail.IsRead = true;
    await GraphServiceClient.Me.Messages[mail.Id].Request().UpdateAsync(mail);

    I guess this is because it sends all the message properties in the request instead of only sending the `IsRead` one, but I see no obvious way of changing that...

    Help? :(

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    @Kostas0: Hi Kostas0, thank you for using the API and for the feedback you are providing. I agree that the login process could be better, our Identity team is working hard to simplify and consolidate more that experience across commercial and consumer users. 

    On the error for the .Net library, we will investigate this, can I kindly ask you to post it on Stack Overflow and tag with #MicrosoftGraph? 



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    Hi there and thanks for the reply. :)
    I saw it by pure luck. It seems that you get no email when someone replies to your comment. Donno if subscribing to the episode makes you get email notifications (Hm... I see now that something was wrong with my previous login account - probably it was a temporary one).

    But to the subject:

    Here is the bug report (I have tried to improve the code a bit to filter the sent properties but, still, it doesn't work) :
    It has the tag `microsoft-graph`.

    Cheers! ;)


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