Episode 158: Functional Programming & F# with Lena Hall

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We talk with Lena Hall about functional programming and F#. Which is faster, the mouse or keyboard? Walmart tells vendors to get off Amazon's cloud. And using AI to play Ms. Pac Man.



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The Discussion

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    People keep trying to push F# into a niche and marginalizing it. It would be nice if the message could get out there that F# is just as general purpose as C#. 

    If you do a followup, it would be nice to learn more about F# and Fable.

    Elm gets buzz for how it transpiles to JavaScript, but F# is a far more mature functional language than Elm. I'd love to know more about how F# and Fable could be an Elm alternative. 

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    This was my first episode. Nice job, everyone! I’ve been using F# for feeding data to units tests from CSV files, reading data from XML (thank you FSharp.Data!), doing Domain Driven Development using Record Types, and am delving deeper into what is possible with SqlProvider as an Entity Framework alternative. I love using F# because of how easy my code is to understand and how much better I can say what I mean. 

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