Azure PowerShell :: Managing Blob Storage

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Come join Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP Trevor Sullivan, and explore the management of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) PowerShell module! Topics will include creating Storage Accounts and Blob Containers, uploading files from our local filesystem to a Blob Container, and deleting Blobs!

Trevor Sullivan is an independent Cloud & Automation Consultant. To learn more about Trevor, visit his blog at, or follow him on Twitter (@pcgeek86).

NOTE: The Azure Resource Manager (AzureRm) PowerShell experience has changed quite a bit! The Switch-AzureMode command no longer exists, and the Azure Service Management (ASM) and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) PowerShell modules have been completely separated! Furthermore, the ARM PowerShell module is installable via the PowerShell Gallery!



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The Discussion

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    When I run Switch-AzureMode it says the cmdlet is deprecated

    When I run Get-Command -Module AzureResourceManager -Name "storage" it says "Storage" isn't recognized

    Does this only work on a server or something ?

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