The Maker Show: Episode 15 - Using Voltage Regulators to Power your Projects

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The Discussion

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    most informative and easy to understand session for me on power supply and what those volts and amps and switches etc mean..

    Great job Bret!!

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    This video was awesome!  Super helpful and filled in a lot of knowledge gaps on power supplies that I've never really had a good grasp on.  Nice work!

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    This was so excellent, Bret. Kudos!

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    Excellent video!  I'm really hoping Bret will do more like this.  Maybe something on driving stepper motors from a Raspberry Pi?

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    Great video!

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    Great video!! Thanks Bret!
    What about the usb power adapters, do you recommend them for powering an arduino or a dc motor?

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    @bratidiana:You can CERTAINLY power an Arduino with them.  DC motor, MAYBE.  Just depends on the voltages/amperages required by the motor.  

    Some of the cheap "5V\2A" (5 volt, 2 amp) power supplies may not actually get you a full "2A".  So beware, your mileage may vary.  It's worth paying a few dollars more for a higher quality one if you plan on using it in your projects. 

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