The Maker Show: Episode 16 - The Miniscule ESP8266

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In this episode of the maker show, we will take a look at the inexpensive and very small ESP8266. This tiny wireless device brings a very simple way to connect your thing to the internet or a local gateway.

In the presentation, I reference Jeremy Foster's video on using Fusion360 to model an existing part into your project. He used the ESP8266 as an example in The Maker Show: Episode 4

Because these devices can run for a long time on a little power, I am using these devices for a project in my backyard garden. Look for a future Maker Mini for more details.



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The Discussion

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    Love these boards Brian!  Thanks for the video.  

    For other viewers, just FYI, there are a number of "Azure IoT Starter Kits" (link) available.  One of kits from Adafruit and has the Huzzah ESP8266 board in a "Feather" format (link).  There is a set of tutorials as well that walks you through publishing temperature data up to Azure via IoT Hubs, Stream Analytics, Table Storage, Azure Event Hubs, and a Node.js Web App (link).  

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