The Maker Show: Episode 4 - Building and Printing a 3D Model to Fit a Real Component

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for reminding me that I need a 3D printer Jeremy :) I want one so badly. I wonder what our viewers are using for 3D printing. Any recommendations?

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    Very nice episode, again! Would be great if you added the actual printing as well to the show.
    My project is building a 3D printer. Not from a kit, but from components I selvaged from old matrix printers (stepper motors, controller pcb's), even designing my own switched power supply now: each stepper motor has it's own voltage requirement... Long way to go before I'll be using Fusion and GrabCAD. But this video is a great motivation to go on :)

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    @ActiveNick:I use a couple of MakerBot Replicator 2 printers for my larger print jobs, have a couple of MakerBot Replicator Mini printers for mobile events, and a FormLabs Form 1+ for things I need greater detail on. The FormLabs printer is by far my favorite.

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    Great. I really learned alot. Initially I was very excited to watch this episode but was very disappointed in the end when got to know that you wont print it.

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