The Maker Show: Episode 4 - Building and Printing a 3D Model to Fit a Real Component

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Often times, when you are designing a 3D part to print, you'll need it to marry up to an existing part or assembly. Perhaps you need a motor to be mounted on the part, or perhaps the part is going to integrate with a home power outlet cover. This is such a common case, that I wanted to take an episode to discuss how I've found to get this done quite elegantly.

I'll be covering the use of my favorite 3D modeling tool - Autodesk Fusion 360. I use this in concert with GrabCAD ( to find existing parts. Once I pull my existing part in to Fusion 360, I have very good control over interfacing with all of the shapes, faces, and features of that existing part. It's quite exciting.

Once you finish and print your part, then, you'll be confident that it will be ready to be mounted or have your existing parts mounted on it. You can even 3D print receiver holes for screws.

Thanks for joining me for this episode of The Maker Show.



The Discussion

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    Thanks for reminding me that I need a 3D printer Jeremy :) I want one so badly. I wonder what our viewers are using for 3D printing. Any recommendations?

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    Very nice episode, again! Would be great if you added the actual printing as well to the show.
    My project is building a 3D printer. Not from a kit, but from components I selvaged from old matrix printers (stepper motors, controller pcb's), even designing my own switched power supply now: each stepper motor has it's own voltage requirement... Long way to go before I'll be using Fusion and GrabCAD. But this video is a great motivation to go on :)

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    @ActiveNick:I use a couple of MakerBot Replicator 2 printers for my larger print jobs, have a couple of MakerBot Replicator Mini printers for mobile events, and a FormLabs Form 1+ for things I need greater detail on. The FormLabs printer is by far my favorite.

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    Great. I really learned alot. Initially I was very excited to watch this episode but was very disappointed in the end when got to know that you wont print it.

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