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    HI Nick,

    great episode & a great show - I just watched Episode 0 and this one and you got me already as a fan! I am really looking forward to pick up more interessting information, inspiration, tricks & tips and also "physical craftsmanship" ... coming from the software world the "maker thing" in the pyhsical world is also some kind of "getting grounded" and to learn & to participate in the things and how they work in the "real world" and hence to appreciate the magnificence & beauty of this planet - our enviroment and place to live & enjoy (which is different from an integrated development environment ;)

    Regarding this Episode and the Particle Cloud API I just want to mention if one likes to tryout these "remote functions" directly and not via an Azure Webistes (or alike) it maybe a good idea to NOT directly use the browser as one will send the access-token in the URL and this will be saved in the browsers history and hence compromises the device security and everthing that is accessed by it.

    One solution for this would be using fiddler or curl as mentioned in the particle docs - but fiddler has a nice UI and hence it will be easier to handle and even understand the flow of communication (HTTPS request & response).

    As an inspiration for you Nick (post on your audience wish list ;) : what about an Episode for the Particle Photon (or the Electron - I am really exciting on this one too !) for advanced scenarios - debugging with the Programmer Shield.

    As a software guy who has already a use case for "his job side of life" in his mind, I would like to know how easy it is to debug programms on this device. Just for small projects going with the Web IDE or the Particel Dev (which is IDE that runs locally on the computer) is okay, but if things get a bit more complex having a debugger at your toolbox is essential.

    I find already these two blog post regarding debugging the photon : see - one shows the procedure for running on Windows 10.

    But if one just overlooks this post you get the feeling like having a "time trip" back to the days of C/C++ development on DOS ;) ... this comparisson it not fair if one is blessed to be able to use a full featured IDE like VS 2015, Eclipse (you name it) everyday.

    But maybe you have a great idea to get this working in an "easier way" - as the Particle Dev is not such a full featured IDE I think it won't be possible to get the Debugger working inside this "GitHub Atom" based IDE ... but may there are some handsome tricks ?

    Seeing the setup and "live debugging" in an episode of yours would be a great way to get a feeling how this works for everyone watching this show ... because this Photon device is really awesome, but taking it the next level makes it glorious ;)


    P.S.: if you compare this to the Arduino world - this is where the "Atmel based MCU" really boost things up. One can buy the Atmel ICE Basic for 60€ (the debugger device  - or one uses the Arduino Zero which has an EDBG chip on board) and use Atmel Studio 7 (which is based on Visual Studio 2015) and you are blessed with the goodness and power of an excellent IDE with an integrated debugger ... this is also glorious ;)

    If one is interessted in that - you can find some infos on Atmels YouTube channel and their recordings from last years Maker Faire in New York (I think).

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    Great show

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