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The Maker Show is an informal dive into the exciting world of makers. Each week one of our experts will go hands-on with techniques, how to's, tips & tricks in various maker areas including electronics, programming tools, hardware boards, components & sensors, connectivity, building hacks & gadgets, 3D printing, manufacturing prototypes, and other cool yet useful topics.

Check out special episode #0 where you get to “Meet your Makers” and learn how developers can get started with their very own maker projects.

  • [6:03] Why should developers become "makers"? What's in it for them?
  • [12:48] How can developers get started in becoming makers? What should they buy? Where should they shop? What should they build?
  • [26:40] What are some of your favorite tools or boards to use?
  • [36:20] What can we expect to see in upcoming Maker Shows?




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The Discussion

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    Thanks a million for listing the URLs of the resources you talked about during the show.

    Great show, looking forward to the next one.

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    Jamie Dixon

    Love the show and the ideas. Any chance we can get a woman or a minority as part of the regular cast?

  • User profile image

    Love the show and the ideas. Kenny would love to see your "garage"

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    Fantastic idea! Thanks for bringing it to life.

    I don't know about US but here in Europe I can get the most for my money buying hardware parts from China using aliexpress or similar.

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    @Jamie Dixon: We hear ya! We have at least two gals on the show team, but they had stuff come up just before we recorded that introductory episode. Dang.

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    @Jamie Dixon: Hi Jamie, I agree with you 100%, we all do. The cast of The Maker Show is actually much larger than the 6 guys you met in this episode. Some of the makers you will see in future episodes include Stacey Mulcahy, Rachel Weil and Nathaniel Rose. We have a very diverse team in DX and we embrace diversity across the board. It just so happens that these are the 6 that could make it for the recording of episode 0. Stay tuned! :)

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    Thanks guys! Developing custom software forever, and then I met Bret years ago to get Windows Phone advice, but rich media just isn't me.

    I've been coaching robotics for a few years now, and it's a real challenge to go super inexpensive for the kids. I have the controllers now, and I really look forward to following you guys make!

    Again, thanks so much!


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    I love this show. Lot of good stuff and easy to understand and cleared my most of the questions on how to start and what to buy etc.Thank you so much.

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