The Maker Show: Mini - How to use NeoPixels

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    I've been following these Maker Show posts from the beginning and I have really been enjoying them. It's a great way to get people into making things and it's helped me get my passion back. I wanted to make a special note on these "mini" videos. I think they're awesome and the potential is huge. Personally I'd like to see some about what IC/Microcontrollers are available for projects. I have a lot of projects in mind but I do not want to spend $25+ for the arduino for every project, but I'm not certain on all of the available options. Another one would be good cheap power sources: LiPo/battery packs/external power supplies etc.  Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    @greenwinde - could easily do a survey of microcontrollers and options. great idea. 

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    You know if you use the Arduino IDE, there is a library manager that will download this and put the files in the correct place.

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    @pulcher - I did a whole nother maker mini on that :)

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    You can control APA 102 LED directly from windows in any .NET languages

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