The Maker Show: Mini - How to use NeoPixels

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What are NeoPixels? How do you use them? Why do they make your life easier? Get started playing with large amounts of LEDs easily by using Adafruit's NeoPixels. In this Maker Mini, you will learn how to use NeoPixels and how to install the NeoPixel library in Arduino to get up and running with some great blinky blinky gear. 

[02:30] Get the NeoPixel Library at

[03:46] Install the NeoPixel Library in Arduino

Want to learn more about NeoPixels? Check out the guide on how to power them


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The Discussion

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    I've been following these Maker Show posts from the beginning and I have really been enjoying them. It's a great way to get people into making things and it's helped me get my passion back. I wanted to make a special note on these "mini" videos. I think they're awesome and the potential is huge. Personally I'd like to see some about what IC/Microcontrollers are available for projects. I have a lot of projects in mind but I do not want to spend $25+ for the arduino for every project, but I'm not certain on all of the available options. Another one would be good cheap power sources: LiPo/battery packs/external power supplies etc.  Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    @greenwinde - could easily do a survey of microcontrollers and options. great idea. 

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    You know if you use the Arduino IDE, there is a library manager that will download this and put the files in the correct place.

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    @pulcher - I did a whole nother maker mini on that :)

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    You can control APA 102 LED directly from windows in any .NET languages

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