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In this maker mini, let Dave Sheinkopf of Pioneer Works, introduce you to the wide world of laser cutting as he explains how laser cutting works, doing it safely, designing your files and starting a laser cutting job. Curious about how to use this tool to prototype or build enclosures, but wasn't sure what was involved? Now you can find out.

Keep in mind, that although the process for laser cutting tends to be the same, different machine models might have different set up steps and software. 

[T:10] Intro

[00:22] Hey Dave, What is a Laser Cutter?

[00:52] Types of Laser Cutting

[01:01] Vector Image

[01:37] Vector Etching

[02:30] Vector Cutting

[03:22] Raster Etching

[04:04] Hey Dave, how does a laser cutter work?

[05:38] Hey Dave, what are the risks of laser cutting?

[07:57] Hey Dave, how do we operate a laser cutter?

[08:31] Adjusting the bed of the laser cutter for the material

[10:05] Hey Dave, how do we design a file for the laser cutter?

[14:15] Hey Dave, how do we send a design to the laser cutter?

[16:25] Setting material properties in the laser cutter software

[17:34] Hey Dave, what do we need to do before starting the laser?

[19:47] Fire in the hole!

[20:17] Raster Etching

[20:55] Vector Cutting

[21:20] Finished Product - a Clippy Coaster


About Dave Sheinkopf

"BBQ Dave" Sheinkopf taught in the NY school system for 10 years and has spent the last 5 of those years developing a curriculum for teaching analog and digital electronics to high school students in order to prepare them for life in an increasingly-technified world. Before teaching, Sheinkopf worked in a garage that specialized in vintage European sports cars making him as comfortable with a box wrench as he is with a soldering iron.

His electronic work has been displayed in MoMA, The Brooklyn Museum, the Red Hook Criterium and in many gallery shows. His mechanical work can also be seen riding around New York on one of the many bikes he has serviced and sold at his underground bike shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

In addition to teaching, preaching, fluxing and muxing, David is currently the Director of Education at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Brooklyn. He likes to talk about Tesla sometimes. He can be found on Instagram or Youtube










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