The Maker Show: Mini - Prelude to the Tessel 2

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This Maker Show Mini is going to introduce you extremely briefly to a new device on the market called the Tessel 2.

Later, on The Maker Show, we're going to have a full, in-depth episode on this device, but this is just to let you know it's there, let you know why it's cool, and perhaps remind you to order one so you have it in your hands when the full-length episode lands.

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The Discussion

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    Jeff Carter

    The Tessel2 has been out for months now, and the clowns have still yet to release a working fix for the abysmal Windows support.

    There's no way this could have been tested on Windows, they are a discrace

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    Hey Jeremy, It is wonderful to know that Microsoft is thinking in terms of Tessel. Tessel indeed is a simple understandable way to create any IOT device. After getting inspired by the microsoft cognitive api demo for blind people, I created a POC which shows how tessel is able to work seamlessly with Cognitive apis. Hope you guys will like it. Looking forward for suggestions what else can be done.

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