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    I saw ths episode in person and online.  Russ and Stan covered technologies that I need to know about to move my IT consulting firm forward: Expression Blend, Live Services, IE8 Dev tools, and SSIS Data Profiling by Jessica - all fully baked stuff ready for prime time.  These guys are having too much fun to call this a job. 

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    Thanks for the kind words Keith!

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    Alex Funkhouser

    Wow - it was great live, and now I can share it with all my fellow developers!  Way to go Russ!

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    Russ is the Bomb, no matter where he goes. And having Stan and Don in there is just icing on the cake.


    Peter Bromberg


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    Another great Tool Show with Russ.  I love his work.



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    Awesome show Russ! This is great.

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    Russ and Stan, good job!  The show is very entertaining and informative!  Can't wait to see you guys live in Tampa on July 22nd!

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    This show absolutely rocked.  Man, it was like being part of the audience while I watched it.  Russ is one of the more energetic presenters I've seen.  Please keep 'em coming.

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    This is a great show! Lots of cool tools in one hour.


    How come this was not on the home page? More people could use this info.

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    Very nice!

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    Loved the demos! Lots of useful tools shown, thanks Russ!


    Kim Schmidt

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    Good introduction for SketchFlow intro and IE Dev Tools. I also enjoyed seeing some friends in the audience. Shout out for .NET Florida! woo hoo!

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    Great Job Russ and Stan!  Very Informative.  When does the next show come out?

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    Good stuff!

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    Brian S

    Russ and Stan do a great job in this episode. Great demo of Expression Blend and Live Services. Stan does a great job with IE tools.

    You really need to show up at a live show that Russ puts on. He gets you psyched right from the start. Great job!

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    Brian S

    Great job on the demo of Expression Blend. I learned alot from Stan and his IE tools demo. Good show.


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    Great content - I already have applied some of the items that I took away.  Content that helps you on your gig and great fun show also, wow.

    Russ and Stan great as always and bring in Jessica and Don - made for a great show.

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    An excellent show!  I really learned a lot.  Love the tools!  Great job guys.

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    The show keeps getting better and better.  You guys really show great content and do it in a really fun way.  Part of the enjoyment of watching it is seeing how much fun you have showing off all of the great demos.  I can't wait for the next one!

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    Jon Scott

    I saw this episode online only but it was awesome! I am not in IT so the topics (Expression Blend, Live Services, IE8 Dev tools, etc.) were a little over my head but I still enjoyed watching it. I wish Russ produced shows in my industry!


    Russ you are the man!!!


    Jon Scott

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