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All right... I'll just come right out and say it... This Episode 4 is truly a great episode! Expression Encoder 3, Live WriterMobility programming, Windows Mobile Marketplace, and Expression Blend 3 Behaviors and a star studded cast including, 4 MVPs! This show is smoking!!!!

Try something different tonight and take a 75 minute break from coding. You know you deserve it. Grab your favorite beverage and pizza and enjoy this entertaining, enlightening and educational Episode 4. If not, you can wait for the Tool Shed Tooltips of clips from the show over the next few weeks. Either way ... tune in. All content is on cutting edge technology. It will feel like you are at a live event, but in the comfort of your home or office.

In this video, you will find tools to help solve these common developer challenges…

·       I've got an HD WMV file, but it does not play properly when streamed over the internet.

·       My browser-based blog posting tools are clunky and difficult to use - there's got to be an easier way!

·       I don’t physically have test devices, how do I develop for so many different screen sizes  on mobile devices?

·       Are you tired of writing wire up code, based on events in WPF or Silverlight, like storyboard1.Begin() on a mouse click event?

Show line up...

·       Tool Shed Theme Song and Introduction of speakers and content

·       Demo 1 - Expression Encoder 3 (Part 1) - Overview and Screen capture. By Microsoft Developer Evangelist Russ Fustino

·       Demo 2 - Expression Encoder 3 (Part 2) - Editing, Silverlight 3 Templates, and Presets. By Microsoft Developer Evangelist Russ Fustino

·       Demo 3 - Live Writer - Not just for blogging anymore! By Microsoft MVP Stan Schultes

·       Demo 4 - Mobility Programming - Windows Mobile Marketplace, SDK's and more!
By Microsoft MVP Nikita Polyakov

·       Demo 5 - Expression Blend 3 Behaviors, Apply event handler functionality with no code! By Microsoft MVP, Bill Reiss

·       Developer Community Update by Microsoft MVP, Keith Kabza
.       Credits are followed with a behind the scenes photo story of the night.

You will love our guest speakers, Microsoft MVPs, Nikita Polyakov, Bill Reiss, and Keith Kabza. Nikita amazes us on developing apps on Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 for devices that are not even on the market yet. Speaking of a the market, he unveils the new Windows Mobility Marketplace and provides information on new and potentially lucrative opportunities for developers on over 30 Million Windows Mobile devices. Bill Reiss dazzles us on using Behaviors in Expression Blend 3. Designers and developers alike will love this!  Check out his upcoming book 'Hello Silverlight 3' Finally Keith shows us his site on Unified Communications and does and incredible job with the latest happenings in Developer Community.

Check out all of the Tool Shed Tooltips and Episode 1, Episode 2 , and Episode 3 for more great tool demos! Feel free to comment or email Russ Fustino on what tools you use and love and would like to see on future episodes.

Also, please note all of the resources on right of the page at: including a link to all Episode PowerPoint’s, demo code and demo scripts! Yes, demos scripts, how often do you see that? So if you are a teacher or student  or want to do presentations to co-workers, or at seminars, or just use them as labs to learn, check out this resource at . Each release corresponds to an Episode.

Stan and I are planning on filming a live studio audience Episode 5 at the Jacksonville Code Camp on Saturday August 29, 2009 at 1pm along with Guest Speakers Jim Wooley, Christopher Bennage, and David Silverlight (signed release form required) If you are attending, I can use some volunteers, like camera operators, a sound engineer and door control. I'll teach you at the event, everything to run the camera or sound. Drop me an email if interested at

Note: For those of you new to channel9 viewing, many different formats are available for download besides viewing in the default player; everything from Zune to WMV High Quality. Simply locate the dropdown menu below the embedded player on this page for your desired download selection. If the default view stops to buffer often, then I recommend trying to download WMV High Quality. You can clearly see code, all video and PowerPoint’s in High Def (HD) at full screen. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to download this episode at average home speed connections. The high def WMV file is a little over 315 Meg.

Remember, you have to know the code to get into the shed. KNOW THE CODE. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show! Russ



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