Tool Shed Tooltip #24 - Expression Encoder 3 - Part 2 (of 2) - Editing, Presets, Silverlight 3 players

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So many encoding options to learn? One word, makes this much easier, PRESETS. How do you insert videos on the time line and do audio and video overlays? Want your video to play smooth without buffering outages and delays? What about viewing Silverlight offine? Learn the answers to these and more by watching this video on Expression Encoder 3. Also, see part 1 (of 2) of this Encoder 3 demo that has an overview and the new screen capture feature.

What is it?
Expression Encoder 3 provides the power of industry leading encoding, in a simple approachable interface to make it easy to prepare video for use in a variety of ways, including Silverlight on the Web.

Download Site:

Example Problem(s) it solves:

  • Video in a wide range of formats can be imported
  • Inserting a video in between two other videos on the timeline
  • Simple edits made and graphic overlays added before a simple set of controls allow you to choose the right setting for your needs.
  • The resulting encoded video can then be housed in a range of customizable player skins ready for instant deployment to the Web or a range of devices

Usage Notes: Expression Community Home:

This is the third of Tool Shed Tooltips clips released from Episode 4 of the TV Show Russ Tool Shed presents... "It's All About The Tools" hosted by Russ Fustino and Co-Host Stan Schultes. Download code, ppt and demo script from for all episodes. Also, use the links on to download tools. Finally, check out some more great videos on the Developer Evangelist East site:



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