Tool Shed Tooltip #26 - Mobility and the Mobility Market Place

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I don’t physically have test devices, how do I develop for so many different screen sizes  on mobile devices? How do I make money selling my application for a mobile device?  Can I develop for Windows Mobile 6.5 now?
Lean the answers to these questions and more and join Nikita Polyakov, Microsoft MVP Device Application Development.

Introducing Windows Mobile Marketplace

Mobile application to browse, purchase and download applications directly to the mobile devices this fall.

Pre-Installed on Windows Mobile 6.5
Free download for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1

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What is it?
Visual Studio tools for Mobile Development allow you to program for Microsoft Windows devices. It provides a familiar development environment, the Compact Framework based on .NET Framework as well as Device Emulators & Setup Package Tools.

Download Site: Included in Visual Studio Pro (2005 and 2008) and additional SDK’s and DTK’s  providing the latest Frameworks, Emulator Images, Cellular Emulator & Sample Projects can be found at:

Example Problem(s) it solves:
Your “one stop shop” for Windows Mobile development
Test your Application for multiple Device formats at no cost.

Installation Notes:
Requires Visual Studio 2005 Professional or 2008 Professional

This is the fifth of Tool Shed Tooltips clips released from Episode 4 of the TV Show Russ Tool Shed presents... "It's All About The Tools" hosted by Russ Fustino and Co-Host Stan Schultes. Download code, ppt and demo script from for all episodes. Also, use the links on to download tools. Finally, check out some more great videos on the Developer Evangelist East site:



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