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Episode 5 has killer content on Deep Zoom, Expression Web 3, a codeplex project on a Snippet Editor for Visual Studio, LINQ Tool Samples, LINQ Pad, Link To Twitter, and a more comprehensive list at Blend 3 Importing Adobe assets, and an incredible codeplex project must see on a solid Silverlight website starter kit using best practices!  This is Russ's Tool Shed's best effort yet! Grab a beer and hope you enjoy this most educational, enlightening and entertaining instant classic video! 

Producer: Russ Fustino
Audio and Video Editing: Russ Fustino
Many thanks to the many volunteers, live studio audience and presenters. This was an all volunteer effort!

It is well worth it to view this in its entirety, with great content and 4 MVP speakers who are awesome!

My Email: Russ Fustino
My Web Site:
Please feel free to contact me.
Russell Fustino

Developer Challenges this episode solves...

How can you quickly display  and navigate a large, detailed image or a panorama of images on the web, and not be extremely slow to view?

What can you use to build a website that supports ASP.NET, Deep Zoom Composer images, AJAX, and Silverlight videos? … and do it quickly?

Do you wish you could find that perfect piece of code that you know you’ve written before?

You know how to write a query in SQL but how do you do it in LINQ? What tools are there to help you understand LINQ and what it is doing behind the scenes?

You have the source art from your design group, but how do you convert that into WPF or Silverlight?

You need to create a website for your group, and you would like to have a solid codebase as a starting point and get your feet wet in a real world Silverlight application.

00:00 - Theme Song, Intro of speakers and content
08:02 - Deep Zoom Composer by Russ Fustino
15:40 - Expression Web 3 by Russ Fustino
32:11 - Snippet Editor for VS by MVP Stan Schultes
44:35 - LINQ Tools by MVP Jim Wooley
58:34 - Expression Blend 3 - Importing ADOBE Assets by MVP Christopher Bennage
01:16:33 - Silverlight Web Starter Kit by MVP David Silverlight
01:31:27 - Community Update by Russ Fustino and David Silverlight
01:39:32 - Credits and Photos (please view for special dedication to the Developer Community and song)

Thank you Channel9.
Russ Fustino




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