Toolshed Tooltip #13 - MSBuild talks to Twitter from Episode 2

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There is more to building an application than pressing F5. MSBuild comes with the .NET Framework and is extensible. See how Microsoft MVP Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi extends the build process programmatically, by talking to Twitter upon a successful build. This is an incredible demo. Consistency is a good thing.

What is it? MSBuild Extensibility... this example keeps everyone updated on the status of the build via MSBuild and Twitter!

Download Site: MSBuild is included with the .NET Framework and can be installed from
Example Problem(s) it solves:
MSBuild allows developers and build masters to completely customize their build process.

Installation Notes: Use the Web Application Installer:

This is the sixth of Tool Shed Tooltips released from Epsode 2 of the TV Show Russ Tool Shed presents... "It's All About The Tools" hosted by Russ Fustino and Co-Host Stan Schultes. Download code, ppt and demo script from for all episodes. Also, use the links on to download tools. Finally, check out some more great videos on the Developer Evangelist East site:



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The Discussion

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    Very nice demo.. Please include how to run the project in the resources.. ie. the command line arg..Or please reply here.. Thanks

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    First you should download the samples and build the sample solution (Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger.sln). When you build it dll Sedo.MSBuild.Loggers.dll should be created. Then here is a sample command to attach the logger to the build for your project.


    msbuild WindowsFormsApplication1.csproj /l:TwitterLogger,C:\temp\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\bin\Debug\Sedo.MSBuild.Loggers.dll;Username=YOUR_USER_NAME;Password=YOUR_PASSWORD


    Note these things about that command

    • WindowsFormsApplication1.csproj
      This is the name of the project being built. Since it is in the same folder path was left off
    • C:\temp\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\bin\Debug\
      This is the path to the folder which contains the assembly just built (Sedo.MSBuild.Loggers.dll)
    • Fill in YOUR_USERNAME
    • Fill in YOUR_PASSWORD


    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi



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