Toolshed Tooltip #13 - MSBuild talks to Twitter from Episode 2

Play Toolshed Tooltip #13 - MSBuild talks to Twitter from Episode 2

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    Very nice demo.. Please include how to run the project in the resources.. ie. the command line arg..Or please reply here.. Thanks

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    First you should download the samples and build the sample solution (Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger.sln). When you build it dll Sedo.MSBuild.Loggers.dll should be created. Then here is a sample command to attach the logger to the build for your project.


    msbuild WindowsFormsApplication1.csproj /l:TwitterLogger,C:\temp\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\bin\Debug\Sedo.MSBuild.Loggers.dll;Username=YOUR_USER_NAME;Password=YOUR_PASSWORD


    Note these things about that command

    • WindowsFormsApplication1.csproj
      This is the name of the project being built. Since it is in the same folder path was left off
    • C:\temp\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\Sedo.MSBuild.TwitterLogger\bin\Debug\
      This is the path to the folder which contains the assembly just built (Sedo.MSBuild.Loggers.dll)
    • Fill in YOUR_USERNAME
    • Fill in YOUR_PASSWORD


    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi



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