Web.Dev 10: Introduction to Ember.js

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In this episode of Web.Dev, take a tour of Ember.js, one of several modern well-maintained SPA frameworks. Ember.js provides you with not only routing and template support, but components, a built in data-layer (Ember Data), and more. Adam cover a basic CRUD application using ember-cli and the PODS project structure.

Source Code available here

Looking for more on Ember.js? 

Check out our 3-hour tour at Creating Web Applications with Ember JS: Live-Event

Pre-recorded ~4.5 Hour Microsoft Virtual Academy Creating Web Applications with Ember

Topics covered

[02:30] Getting Ember
[03:55] The basic demo
[05:18] Ember overview and using the CLI
[09:16] Using ember-cli-windows and running as admin
[10:18] Exploring ember-cli app folder structure
[11:39] Running the app via 'ember server'
[14:02] Using Ember Inspector
[15:05] Generating Routes, Model, and Templates
[24:38] Installing ember-bootstrap and ember-moment
[28:06] Modifying application.hbs (main root output) for bootstrap and links
[31:54] Modifying template for bugs/new to create a new bug
[34:04] Modifying the route for bugs/new to handle saving
[37:22] Replacing default RESTful save with local storage for testing
[42:53] Modifying bugs/index template and route to list all bugs
[46:12] Updating bugs/new to look better with bootstrap
[48:11] Exploring how the Save action works in the route
[53:11] Closing notes





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