Web.Dev 7: Exploring Basic JavaScript DOM Manipulations without JQuery

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Libraries like jQuery and Zepto.js are great for helping you be productive as a developer without having to worry about supporting every browser out there.  But what are they doing behind the scenes?  In this video we are going to take a look at a few of the most common jQuery functions and see what it would take to use modern JavaScript DOM API's to achieve the same affect.  We will look at the libraries side by side to get a good feel for the syntax differences and we will also learn how to use a website like Can I Use to determine the compatibility across browsers.

To use jQuery or not can be a polarizing argument and we will look at both sides, learning as we look at specific use cases, to help us come to the best technology decision for our current situation, team, or project.  By the end of the video we will have seen just how many browser specific workaround jQuery supports and see how modern browsers are closing that gap with the new DOM API's.

[01:45] jQuery Browser workarounds

[03:01] To jQuery or not?

[03:42] DOMContentLoaded

[07:00] Element Selection

[10:08] Classes

[12:34] AJAX

[14:47] Wrapping up


Source from video

jQuery 1.x Ready function                              

Can I Use

You might not need jQuery

You might not not need jQuery

10 Tips for Writing JavaScript without jQuery

jQuery Browser workarounds                                                                               






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