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Channel 9 publishes Algorithms videos and information for you to improve your knowledge and skills. This page provides a listing of content tagged with Algorithms to see the most up-to-date information provided by the experts building Microsoft products & services

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  • E2E: Erik Meijer and Leslie Lamport - Mathematical Reasoning and Distributed Systems
    56 minutes, 11 seconds
  • Deep Dive into U-Prove Cryptographic Protocols
    59 minutes, 21 seconds
  • C9 Conversations: Yuri Gurevich On Logic, Imperative, Abstraction and Algorithms
    48 minutes, 42 seconds
  • Expert to Expert: Contract Oriented Programming and Spec#
    1 hour, 15 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Algorithms and Data Structures: Mike Swanson - Genetic Session Scheduler
    32 minutes, 7 seconds
  • Peter Sestoft: Inside The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI
    45 minutes, 14 seconds