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  • Mini-Pacman on mini hardware...
  • Channel 9 Content for Beginners
  • Mix some C#, GLEED2D and Farseer Physics and the desire for a simple game sample...
  • mIP - 100% C# Managed TCP/IP Stack for the .NET Micro Framework
  • How To: Kinect for Windows SDK Face Recognition Series
  • How cool is this bus? Using the Service Bus to create a cloud enabled smart thermostat
  • Pac[Metro]Man - Recreating PacMan for Metro with a little help from F#
  • Doodling is fun with the open source DoodlePad for Windows Phone
  • What we need is an updated GLEE, No... not that Glee, instead a GLEED2D for XNA 4
  • A steaming hot .NET Gadgeteer project, the steampunk weather station