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  • Doodling is fun with the open source DoodlePad for Windows Phone
  • What we need is an updated GLEE, No... not that Glee, instead a GLEED2D for XNA 4
  • A steaming hot .NET Gadgeteer project, the steampunk weather station
  • No need for sunscreen, you want this SunBurn! SunBurn v2 RTM's, including the free SunBurn Framework Edition
  • Thanks for the tank... Building a Netduino Tank
  • Connect with your Kinect from the North Dallas .NET UG
  • Devphone Toolkit v2 - Pickers, MessageBoxes, Controls and more for Windows Phone 7.1(5)
  • Kinect to AutoCAD v1.5 and some AutoCAD Face Tracking too
  • DrawingBoard2 - A .Net GDI+ drawing component
  • Jump into UML Sequence Diagramming with KangaModeling