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  • Miami Land Management
    9 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Tanagram Partners: Making multi-touch easier with touch.codeplex.com
    23 minutes, 18 seconds
  • Miami311
    15 minutes, 2 seconds
  • SurfaceCube: Design Thinking for Natural User Interfaces
    23 minutes, 15 seconds
  • City of Lakewood, CO Delivering Better User Experience with WPF and Silverlight
    19 minutes, 39 seconds
  • Welcome to the Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)
    14 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Improving perceived WPF app startup performance with MEF and a Splash Screen
    12 minutes, 22 seconds
  • Running Reporting Services Reports in Windows Azure
    16 minutes, 24 seconds
  • Implementing Single Touch Gestures with MouseGestureTrigger
    5 minutes, 33 seconds
  • Managing Browser History Using Client Script Without ScriptManager
    12 minutes, 15 seconds