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Channel 9 publishes Excel videos and information for you to improve your knowledge and skills. This page provides a listing of content tagged with Excel to see the most up-to-date information provided by the experts building Microsoft products & services

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  • Introduction to Project Barcelona
    16 minutes, 49 seconds
  • The Office Show - Finances
    9 minutes, 44 seconds
  • Modeling with Solver Foundation 3.0
    6 minutes, 21 seconds
  • Updates to Office Web Apps
    7 minutes, 37 seconds
  • TWC9: WP7 RTMs, Future of Silverlight, Excel Importer, Robot Gun Turrets
    19 minutes, 9 seconds
  • What are Sparklines and How Do I Use Them?
  • Office Casual at CES:  How to add spark to Excel 2010
    1 minute, 31 seconds
  • Connected Show Podcast: PHP LINQ Fest
  • Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1:Excel on the Cluster
    9 minutes, 18 seconds
  • Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1:  HPC Service Oriented Programming Model
    23 minutes, 13 seconds