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Channel 9 publishes iPad videos and information for you to improve your knowledge and skills. This page provides a listing of content tagged with iPad to see the most up-to-date information provided by the experts building Microsoft products & services

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  • Frank A. Krueger - Continuous - C# and F# IDE for the iPad
    1 hour, 25 seconds
  • Microsoft Intune makes it easy to bring your own device with confidence
    4 minutes, 54 seconds
  • Enroll your mobile device in Microsoft Intune for corporate access
    2 minutes, 12 seconds
  • Salesforce, SAP, Uber, Do and Smartsheet add-ins and extensibility solutions for Office 365
    13 minutes, 51 seconds
  • Introducing mobile device management for Office 365
    11 minutes, 6 seconds
  • Cross-platform Office experiences update - featuring Office for iPad
    21 minutes, 33 seconds
  • Ping 202: Office for iPad, Source code for DOS, .Net Google APIs, Build and Nokia, No more cheating in Titanfall
    20 minutes, 22 seconds
  • B-roll: Microsoft expands cloud services for mobile scenarios
    7 minutes, 10 seconds
  • Office for iPad Available for free
    14 seconds
  • Microsoft Office for iPad available now
    20 seconds