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Channel 9 publishes WinFX videos and information for you to improve your knowledge and skills. This page provides a listing of content tagged with WinFX to see the most up-to-date information provided by the experts building Microsoft products & services

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  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ
    37 minutes, 56 seconds
  • Adam Nathan - Light up an app with WPF (formerly Avalon)
    38 minutes, 26 seconds
  • Michael Wallent: Advent and Evolution of WPF
    49 minutes, 43 seconds
  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect
  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle
    1 hour, 1 minute, 57 seconds
  • Chris Jones - 10 things devs need to know to build a great Windows Vista application
    45 minutes, 1 second
  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)
    31 minutes, 3 seconds
  • James Conard - Touring the Windows Workflow Foundation Team Offices
  • Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin - Sneak peak at Cider (visual designer for Orcas, future version of Vis
  • Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets