Announcing Azure Government On Demand Onboarding

Play Announcing Azure Government On Demand Onboarding


Azure Government onboarding is now available whenever you are!

The on demand Azure Government onboarding can be viewed here (~25mins)

Much like the live onboarding session this on demand onboarding will provide an overview and highlight best practices for Azure Government in the following areas:

  • Understanding Azure Government credentials and the Enterprise Portal
  • Understanding the relationship between Azure subscriptions and your Azure tenant
  • Learning how to create multiple departments/accounts to split out billing and/or workloads
  • Activating and Provisioning  Microsoft Azure Government
  • Understanding the different roles and permissions within the Azure portals including the following:
    • Enterprise Administrator
    • Department Administrator
    • Account Owner
    • Service Administrator
    • Global Administrator
  • Understanding the different portals and tools to administer Azure Government:
    • Enterprise Portal: For managing the billing and reporting structure and viewing and reporting costs
    • Account Portal: For renaming and deleting subscriptions
    • Management Portal: For accessing subscriptions and managing Azure services

If you would like to schedule a real time onboarding session

  1. Go to:
  2. Select "Activation and Provisioning" from the drop-down menu for Problem type.
  3. Select "Schedule a customer onboarding call" from the drop-down menu for Category.
  4. Fill out the form for contact information and support request information.
  5. Once the request is received by the onboarding team we will reach out and schedule the session





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    Most of this information from 2016 is no longer applicable. All the portals have changed. Can this get updated or pulled down?

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